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The SuperLab manual is always available for download.

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The cost per license drops quickly when purchasing 5 or more.

1 License $695
5+ $2,300 • $460 / license
10+ $4,000 • $400 / license
20+ $7,600 • $380 / license
Bulk License $22,000 Up to 250 computers – just $88 per license

Please allow 1-2 business days for processing.

Non-refundable – please evaluate the free 30-day trial before you buy.



Unique Leasing Feature

When you purchase at least two licenses, you can take advantage of SuperLab’s unique leasing feature. For unused licenses, you can specify the duration of the lease and provide license keys to others, e.g. students. It’s like checking out a book from the library — except that you don’t have to worry about it being returned. When the lease ends, the license is automatically returned to you.

If You Use an Eye Tracker or EEG…

…or think that you might be using one in the future, you may want to consider obtaining a SuperLab X6 license instead of SuperLab 6.