About us

About Us


• Founded in 1991


• Products sold in over 80 countries


• We love what we do!


Cedrus is a small company located in San Pedro, California, that takes delight in developing software and hardware for the psychology and psychophysiology research community.

Founded by Hisham Abboud, our first product was SuperLab, launched initially for the Mac in 1992, followed by the Windows version in 1996. Customer requests led us to build our first response pad in 1993, followed by the Lumina fMRI-compatible model in 2001. SV-1 voice key was introduced in 2002. Increased demand for synchronization of stimulus presentation, EEG, and eye trackers led us to develop StimTracker.

Our 9,000 square foot office is located on a quaint, quiet street in San Pedro, near the port of Los Angeles. We believe in old fashioned customer service, e.g. you won’t get a phone system menu if you call us — one of us will always answer if we are in the office.


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